Review: Dreams in Fragments- Reflections of a Nightmare.

Featuring musicians from Majesty Of Silence, Rainforce, Proxima, the foursome known as DREAMS IN FRAGMENTS consists Seraina Schoepfer (lead vocals), Chris Geissmann (guitar, vocals), Jan Thomas (bass) and Franc Fritschi (drums) hailing from the small Swiss town of Wangen bei Olten somewhere between Basel, Berne and Zurich. The band’s musical stylings have been compared to popular acts such as Nightwish and Delain.

The album opens with the wonderful "Everytime", which sets the tone for the album perfectly before delving into the beautiful soundings of "Nightchild". Other stand out tracks include "Incomplete" and the catchy "Defy Every Storm". Then there are "Falling with a Crown" and "Little Red" which are perhaps the heaviest songs on the album, growl wise. The album finished on a high with "Unirevers". 

I absolutley loved this album. It was amazingly crafted and Seraina's vocals are beautiful and the added growls from Chris, it sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. Besides, beautiful lyrics and vocals the album is also full of increduble riffs. This is a must for fans of operatic female vocals or basically anyone who is a metal fan. 


Out June 28th
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